Be Your Own Financial Freedom Coach!

Financial Freedom, what does it mean to you, winning the lottery or building your own business empire, maybe somewhere in between? To coach yourself you will need to be very focused and structured, maybe read a few good books, both on wealth coaching and also for the skills you need for your business.

Lets get started to our dreams:

1. Write out a good plan, make sure your goals are clearly defined, if you don’t know what you want, how can the universe ever give it to you. Financial coaching

2. Now access what your financial resources and liabilities are, it will surprise you, either in a good or bad way, but you have to know your starting point.

3. We know the start point and we no your ultimate goal, now lets start to build the road map between it. What do you need to do to get from A to B. I find mind mapping is very useful for brainstorming this and also laying out the final plan to.

4. Next step is look at what you need, skills, money and time to achieve this objective of Financial Freedom. From this work out a timescale and work rate you are prepared to work to. This is commitment time, so if you start shirking here, you will end up a dreamer not an earner.

As you can see to do this on your own will take focus and real commitment, but others have done this before you. A Financial Freedom coach or Wealth Coach, would help guide you and advice you, helping speed up the process. The other option out there is to band together with others to save yourself a lot of time and effort and get support. But I would advice you as a professional coach myself, to first get a realistic goal and assessment of your skills and financial situation right now. Transformative coaching is useful in many personal goals and can be a very effective technique for change in your life. Sometimes people want the lifestyle of being rich not necessarily what goes with that like responsibilities for keep earning at that level. So we can assess what it is you really want and go from there in getting you to your real goals.


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