Sports Betting Champ As Good As it Gets

have been a subscriber to John Morrison’s sports betting service for over a year now. Initially I was sceptical as I have been stung by many so called expert tipsters in the past and lost a lot in membership fees and poor bets alike. Further scepticism was added that I am from the UK and the bets relate to US sports such as American Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA) and Baseball (I forget the league!). All of these sports I know nothing about. แทงบอลออนไลน์

With great trepidation I started betting on John’s suggested bets – emailed in plenty of time before the game and usually several times a week. Once I got my head around the spread betting that it involves it was as simple as a couple of clicks a day and then logging on the next day to see if the account balance in my BetUS account had gone up. More often than not it had and I have now more than tripled my original bank using small stakes (5% of the bank).

The progressive staking system can be a little scary at first, but runs only ever come in 3s and so far this season on the NBA bets we haven’t got as far as a C bet, John has always selected winning bets within the first 2 bets, and 9 times out of 10 (or more) this season the very first bet has won.

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